Sufferage Tapes - Steel Teeth in the Jaws of the Plasic Death Culture.Go Ahead And Drop The Bomb. Memorial Device Memorial Edition.David Keenan's debut novel. Out 02.02.17.This is a very special edition of Go Ahead And Drop The Bomb that focuses on Memorial Device and the amazing explosion of art and music that came out of Airdire...Cold Stars are one of the great lost Coatbridge groups of the early -80sObsessive. Neurotic. Intense.Rod Stilvert is known as the godfather of the Scottish Porn renaissance.How on earth did you get that chimpanzee?The sounded like an unholy amalgam of Parson Sound and Joy Division...His insides dissovled through a combination of self prescribed homemade vicutals and beef and tomato Pot Noodle.Vanity or Vanity X (real name Vanessa Timonie born September 21st 1964, died November 21st 1989)Do I remember anything of Airdrie?An attempted interview with Alan Brooks, bassist with the Whinhall Starvers.-click-The Clarkston ParksYour CD is missing Out 02.02.17 - £14.99 Out 02.02.17 - £14.99
This is Memorial Device